Dr. Michael Basara, MD

Executive Vice President, R&D

Dr. Michael Basara is one of the founders of EPIEN Medical, Inc. He created the Company’s core product development platform, named Desiccation Shock Technology®, or DST and he is listed as the Inventor on the Company’s patents.

His ongoing work is focused on two overlapping R&D tracks. The first involves expanding our understanding of how delivery of an intense unique water extraction process, i.e., desiccation, can be used to inactivate and clear pathologic processes from body surfaces and promote healing, including the eradication of biofilm infections. The second track involves the development of novel chemical formulations and delivery systems designed to provide the most appropriate desiccation activity needed by clinicians and consumers for specific clinical situations in a safe and effective manner.

As the inventor of the chemistry behind the Company’s products, Dr. Basara is also involved extensively in the preparation and presentation of technical data for the marketing approval applications submitted to US FDA and European regulators.

Prior to the founding of Epien Medical, Dr. Basara worked for 17 years in the clinical laboratories at the Minneapolis Veterans Administration Medical Center where he helped establish a VA National Reference Laboratory for providing specialized testing services to the entire VA Healthcare System. Eventually he was appointed Chief of the Laboratory Service for the Upper Midwest Region of the VA, supervising clinical laboratory service delivery across multiple states in the north central US.

Dr. Basara received his undergraduate degree from the University of Minnesota School of Biological Sciences and a medical degree from the University of Minnesota Medical School.

He completed residency training in Pathology at the University of Minnesota Hospitals and is Board Certified in Clinical Pathology and Chemical Pathology.