Cheryl M. Bongiovanni, PhD


Dr. Bongiovanni started her professional career in cardiovascular physiology. In 1990, Dr. Bongiovanni moved to Oregon where she founded the degree program in vascular technology at Oregon Institute of Technology as well as vascular laboratories and wound clinics in four locations in southern Oregon and northern California. She worked as an Associate Professor of Surgery at Albert Einstein College of Medicine and as the Director of Noninvasive Vascular Diagnostics at Montefiore Medical Center. One of the many significant medical contributions was the research and development of Cyclosporin in the treatment of cancer.

Cheryl has contributed to 15 books and has published several hundred papers in the scientific literature.  She is a frequent lecturer at national and international conferences devoted to vascular disease treatment and wound care.

Wound healing with focused emphasis in the vascular compromised patient has always been a primary goal. Dr. Bongiovanni recognized that biofilm was a major factor in the non-healing chronic wound. She took an active role in the clinical effects of hypochlorous acid and the attributes with improving the reduction of bioburden.

Dr. Bongiovanni received her bachelor’s degree in Biology and Chemistry from St. Francis College. She then earned her PhD from the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey in Cardiovascular Physiology.