HybenX® Root Canal Cleanser

HybenX® Root Canal Cleanser is approved as a Class I medical device in the European Union and Canada.  This product has been cleared for marketing by the US FDA as a medical device for professional dental use (K123538).


DEBACTEROL® is sold in the United States by prescription only.  It is available, direct to consumers, from this web site:

DEBACTEROL® Canker Sore Pain Relief is a liquid, topical, debriding agent used for treating ulcerating oral mucosal lesions, commonly referred to as canker sores, aphthous ulcers, or oral ulcers, as well as minor oral abrasions. DEBACTEROL® has unique chemical and physical properties that are particularly beneficial whenever a dental or medical procedure in the mouth requires controlled, limited debridement of necrotic or damaged tissues.

DEBACTEROL® is prescription treatment for Aphthous Stomatitis that completely stops oral ulcer pain, seals damaged oral mucosal tissues, and forms a protective barrier after just one application.

For more information, please visit the DEBACTEROL® website.

Product Development Pipeline

The fundamental focus of EPIEN Medical’s research and development is the use of materials that alter the micro-environment at the surface of tissue for therapeutic benefit.  Using materials that will desiccate, denature, exfoliate, and condition the superficial layers of skin EPIEN is developing professional dental products, professional skin exfoliants, professional skin care products for the treatment of mild to moderate inflammatory disorders, acute and chronic wound care, specialty sterilants, and veterinary products.